27. November 2014 af Maria Guldager

HE is a man

and he does not respond well to ultimate demands

He will do anything, anything, for this woman, everything it takes

throughout the night his emotions hold him captive

they keep him up

and yet so low

that a man who is man can sink into himself

and his bed

The morning deletes the evenings’


And he is a man as he forgets that she

is a woman

who demands

who insists

who requires

a certain amount, a very specific sort, an unambiguous character

of attention

The man who is a man tonight

is deleted before morning

by ultimate demands

which leave him undressed and unable

to get up

to live up

to the standard of the ultimate

and he cries out for the woman he loves

the woman he would do anything for

everything in his power

which is very little at the moment

since his heart will not beat and his breath not move

since his background will not leave and his hopes not solidify

since his words emerge yet destruct, his mind enable him to assemble yet disrupt the process, his motives appear eager and ripe and yet degrading as his judgement maintain obscured

The man is a man who deletes yesterdays and the days that yesterdays are supposed to point towards

his powerful actions of the past fade as the woman gets stronger

he did so out of forgetfulness

or paralysation

the man cannot remember

The woman will remind him

if she reckons it will gain her

more attention

or the so-called love of a man, a living man

a man who is a man who lives

for something

not anything

a man who is under the authority

of the same as she

she, the woman, the everything

the chance that risks

erosion as she becomes a none-gender

or the only gender

as she has no one to contradict

nothing but the mattress

wherein she can find the reminiscence of the man

who is no longer a man

who fails to be a man

who fails because he does not respond well to ultimate demands

made by the woman who is everything

and therefore nobody

in particular

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